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Continual improvement is critical to our continued success and is therefore applied throughout the company, enabling us to reduce waste and increase efficiency through the provision of key performance indicator, including monitoring of PPM levels.

Our management system is certified to ISO9001 and we are working towards TS16949.

We are also in the process of adapting to the MAQMSR requirements and implementation of the IATF AUTOMOTIVE 16949 standard.

Our policy of continued investment in high-specification inspection equipment helps us to maintain process control and ensure that parts we manufacture conform to appropriate customer specifications.


Our quality department uses an optical machine, a 3D scanner capable to carry out reverse engineering and a 3D probe.


This gives our customer confidence in our quality standards and continuity of our components.

The importance we place on integrating our processes with those of our customers ensures that product inspection techniques, standards and the fixtures applied are in harmony with the customer's specifications during the manufacturing process.


Our adoption of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) ensures that our supply chain, complies with labour, health and safety, ethic and environmental standards included within the EICC Code of Conduct. These requirements prevent conflict materials from entering our supply chain whilst ensuring workers are fairly treated and appropriate precautions are taken to prevent harm to the environment.

For further details, please see our Social Accountability Policy and Code of Conduct.

Ciò conferisce al cliente fiducia nella nostra qualità e ripetibilità dei nostri componenti.

Our integrated system of detection and management of orders located in the tooling department allows us to train and keep our team up-to-date with the latest key performance indicators, customer and company information by providing data on the continuous progress of our production, all in line with the latest frontiers of the industry 4.0.


Quality and Enviromental Management System

It is our policy to improve the performance of our Management System through a continuous programme of data collection, analysis and action. The purpose of our Management System is to satisfy or exceed customer expectations; helping us to maintain or improve the high standard of products and services that we provide.

We also pay close attention to environment and safety legislation. We are continuously updating and improving both our risk identification system (environmental and accidents) and our team. To this end, every year, our services are inspected and evaluated through periodic reviews by the authorised external agency.

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